Roma Badenhorst Background

a. History of our Firm

Roma Badenhorst Attorneys is a family owned law firm that was established on 15 May 1955 in Virginia, in the heart of the Goldfields district, by Hermanus (Roma) Badenhorst, an admitted Attorney, Notary, Conveyancer and Sworn Appraiser, who still serves the firm as a consultant. The firm is currently owned by Steyn Badenhorst, grandson of Roma Badenhorst. Steyn Badenhorst is an admitted Attorney, Notary and Conveyancer

b. What we do

As mentioned above, Roma Badenhorst Attorneys is a family owned law firm that was established on 15 May 1955. Since then we have provided legal services to the local community. Our continued existence is proof of the immaculate level of service we provide to our clients. We strive to provide our clients with prompt, personal service and lasting legal solutions through the large variety of services that we offer.

A further part of our business is Roma Badenhorst Estates, an estate agency which specializes in the sale and procurement of residential, agricultural and commercial property, property administration and sectional title administration.

We are also proud to say that we support our local community by giving sponsorships from time to time to the development of sport and education.

Steyn Badenhorst is also a member of local government and the municipal ward councillor for Ward 9, Virginia. This is one of the ways in which we serve our local community.

Strategy & Vision

a. Vision Statement

Roma Badenhorst Attorneys strives to be the first choice law firm within our region. We constantly strive towards service improvement, technological upgrades and staff training.

It is said that- “change is the law of life”. In order to keep up with change, at Roma Badenhorst Attorneys, we adapt our way of thinking in order to devise innovative lasting legal solutions for our clients.

b. Mission Statement

At Roma Badenhorst Attorneys we offer prompt and professional legal services. Our continued existence is proof of the immaculate services that we render to our clients.

Our primary objectives are:

  • Prompt, professional and personal service to our clients.
  • To ensure client satisfaction and add value to the business of the commercial clients that we serve.
  • To create sustainable and lasting relationships with our clients.
  • To accept positive criticism and constantly improve on all facets of our firm in order to ensure our sustainability.
  • To adapt to the changing demands of our times.
  • To ensure the continued growth of our market share.
  • To strictly enforce legal compliance and a high standard of ethics in all aspects of our firm.

We earnestly believe that by following the above objectives that our firm will rise to the top of any changing circumstances.

c. Values

Our values are of the simplest form. We believe in the strong and good character of the staff we employ. We ensure the highest standards of ethics at all times by providing fair and friendly advice to our clients, whilst insuring the highest level service that we can provide whilst striving towards constant improvement.

d. Business goals & objectives:

Although our firm is the largest firm in Virginia and one of the largest firms is the Goldfields region, we are in the process of expansion. With expansion, new business must be generated in order to ensure our sustainability. It is currently our goal to increase the consumer awareness of our firm and to build new client relationships in order to sustain our growth and expansion.

e. Growth strategy:

Although our firm shows excellent organic growth due to fantastic management and marketing, we intend to maximize our growth by diversifying the services we provide and the different types of clients we provide our services to.

By diversification we intend to obtain more commercial clients by means of direct marketing and further panel appointments.

We currently serve on a diverse range of panels, including:

  1. Standard Bank;
  2. Santam legal insurance;
  3. Legal-Aid Board;
  4. Scorpion Legal;
  5. Lipco Law for All;
  6. Clientele Legal Insurance;
  7. SA Home Loans, undersigning panel;
  8. LexCorp legal insurance.